See here what's happening to our app πŸ‘€

  1. Dashboard 2.0 is coming soon πŸ“ˆ

    New Feature

    You asked for granular metrics, we delivered!

    New dashboard_ Sales selected

    This new dashboard is divided it into 3 main metrics, along with submetrics.

    1) Sales generated

    Here, Vidjet takes a CRO-tool approach

    2) Visitors exposed to videos

    In this case, Vidjet goes toward a CRM approach

    3) Video engagement

    Finally, Vidjet gives insights on how videos are performing

    What else should we add? πŸ€”


  2. πŸ‘€ Shoppable Flows is live (and we made a tutorial for you)!

    New Feature

    Steps to set up

    What is a Shoppable Flow?

    It's a video format allowing multiple videos within the same frame, with swippable interactions. It enables merchants to provide visitors a TikTok-like experience, right from their webpages.

    Use cases

    • Product discovery πŸ‘‰ display several product videos in the same flow, and trigger it from general pages (ex: category pages or homepage).
    • Single-product videos πŸ‘‰ display videos showing the same product, and trigger it from product pages.
    • Customer reviews & testimonials πŸ‘‰ display videos showing the love of your customers, on any pages.

    Benefits (engagement & conversions)

    • 2x to 3x time spent on webpages (with a Shoppable Flow)
    • +5% to +20% on your sales conversion rates

    πŸ’‘ we suggest at least 3 Shoppable Flows, placed in several pages, to see a clear uplift in engagement and conversions


  3. Our Shoppable Flows feature is coming sooooon!

    In a few days, you'll see a new card on your Campaign Creator. This "Shoppable Flows" card will be a game changer for visitors engagement.

    After a few tests, we measured an 80% increase (almost 2x) in time spent on pages with videos.

    It'll also be useful for product discovery, and obviously CRO.

    Curious to have your feedback on this!

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  4. 10 best-performing types of video


    Looking for inspiration? Here are 10 ideas you can create, and publish on your store and social medias!

    Video examples banner mobile (wider) - VIDJET

    My personal top three πŸ‘‡

    1. Show product texture

    2. Show product worn

    3. Customer review

    Hope this helps you to create more videos and drive sales!

    - Baptiste


  5. We performed a few improvements to our player. List below πŸ‘‡


    β€’ Sliding the progress bar is now smoother and more precise

    β€’ New β€œemail collected” animation when viewers leave their emails on a video

    β€’ After a click on a CTA, videos are now pausing automatically

    β€’ We slightly resized player on mobile views, so it is more responsive


  6. Thumbnail selector is live πŸŽ‰

    New Feature

    Many users have been asking to select (or import) a thumbnail image for their embedded videos. It's now possible to do it in two clicks!

    Thumbnail Selector announcement

    Next feature to come: Shoppable Flows πŸ”₯



  7. Vidjet is now available in Spanish!


    About 25% of our customers are native Spanish speakers. It seemed normal to translate the app, so they can make a better use of it!

    Yet, all marketing and communication will stay exclusively in English for now.


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